District 27 Toastmasters Evaluation Contest – May 11, 2012

This past Friday I received the opportunity to compete in the District 27 Toastmasters Evaluation Contest. The test speech for the contest was done by a nice woman named Abigail who spoke about time management and the priorities that we should give to our time.

All of the speeches from the contest can be viewed on the District 27 Toastmasters web site.

I ended up taking second place overall. I really wanted to bring home a District championship, but it was a good experience and I am happy that I have been able to make good progress in my evaluating skills over the last couple months.

Image courtesy D. Vearrier

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One comment on “District 27 Toastmasters Evaluation Contest – May 11, 2012
  1. […] My next step is to start putting my efforts into training for the evaluation contest. My efforts into the International contest haven’t allowed me to evaluate near as often as I should and now I can work on the things that I have to better my District 2nd place finish from two years ago. […]

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