“Parliamentary Procedure” – August 1, 2012

Video courtesy P. Martinez

“Parliamentary Procedure”
Advanced Communications Series: “Speeches by Management”, Project 2: “The Technical Speech”

Toastmasters Meeting – August 1, 2012

It seems to continually a problem for me, but I was not as prepared as I should have been for this speech. After racking my brain for a few weeks on what I should do that would fulfill my requirements of a “technical” speech, I finally got a good idea from sister over the weekend while I was in Minnesota to give a speech on parliamentary procedure.

I enjoyed the intro a lot and it was certainly the strength, but slapping together the main points led to a inexcusable amount of filler words and double clutches. I was even mentioned by the grammarian for some phrases that were not very well thought out.

Louise gave an excellent evaluation comparing my speech to a Snickers bar. For improvements she said that her favorite part of the Snickers are the nuts and some ways that I could have added more “nuts” to my speech was to add some dramatic flare. A good example was to incorporate the Toastmasters gavel that was sitting right next to me on the table. I tend to shy away from too many dramatic gestures because they can get hokey quickly, but it is definitely something I should think about more and start getting out of my comfort zone to become better.

The speech probably turned out better than I thought it would, but I can do much better.

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