Area 31 (District 27 – Division C) Table Topics Contest – September 19, 2012

Today was the Area 31 Table Topics Contest.

Image courtesy blog author – It is tradition that I send my wife a picture of anything I win at a Toastmasters contest. Here is the picture that was texted at 1:15pm this afternoon.

It has been a stressful week at work, so it was kind of nice to head down to 4812 for a contest. Only one other club in our area brought contestants to the contest, so it was a pretty short event, but that is all right.

I drew first for the speaking order, which is kind of amazing, because I seem to always speak last at these types of events. I like to speak later if I had any say in the matter, but it doesn’t matter much when there are only two contestants.

The question posed by the contest master was “What specific benefits does membership in Toastmasters most consistently provide to you?”

Video courtesy A. Osborne

I think this is probably one of the better organized table topics I have ever given. I was able to come up with three points very quickly and was able to preview and review them in the speech.

The quote at the beginning was one of the two stock quotes that I had ready as a possible introduction, but I realized quickly afterwards that I did a horrible job at actually incorporating it into the speech. This is something that must be improved in the future.

I think my overall energy could have also been improved, but this is something that I always need to work on.

The other table topics contestant did a good job, but he wandered around the question for about the first minute of his speech and did not do a good enough job in getting his answer related to the topic. He also did some constant moving of his position at the beginning, which I don’t understand why people think it is effective (cue future blog entry), but it was nice to see some good competition in our area.

Big congratulations to fellow club member Carolyn for winning the Humorous contest also today. I was given the opportunity to coach her a couple of times in the last week and she has really made some nice improvements. Hopefully we can get some more things ironed out so that she can do well at Division also.


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2 comments on “Area 31 (District 27 – Division C) Table Topics Contest – September 19, 2012
  1. Farrell says:

    Personally I think you usually do an excellent job with the three major points and with the lead-off at the beginning. Also, you do not usually hesitate. Still, I appreciate your sharing this video as a reminder of what Toastmasters is all about. I’m online looking for the results of today’s Area 31 contest. I was sick today and so missed out on the contest, although I had already charged my camera battery, freed the RAM, and obtained Scheduled Leave for the duration of the event. Drats!

  2. […] on Table Topics to encourage his fellow club members to enter in the upcoming contest. As the reigning District 27 champion in the contest, he wanted me to do an example table topics speech for his club. It was not a […]

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