District 27 Toastmasters International Speech Contest

“I Hate My Wife’s Cat”
May 4, 2013
2013 Toastmasters International Speech Contest
District 27
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
Alexandria, VA

While I thought the speech went pretty well, I did not not place at the District 27 Toastmasters International Speech Contest on Saturday.

After watching the “Speak” documentary a couple of weeks ago and listening to a workshop by (reigning World Champion) Ryan Avery, I have been thinking a lot about what my “message” is. More to come…

Video credit: G. Chong, 2013

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4 comments on “District 27 Toastmasters International Speech Contest
  1. […] International Speech from last Saturday never really was able to develop the message that I thought it could. I am not […]

  2. […] is likely not going to be comfortable with me mentioning her in a blog post). During practice of my most recent entry in the Toastmasters International Speech contest, she joked that my next speech has to be titled “My Wife is Not a Crazy Cat Person”. I […]

  3. […] After hearing Craig Valentine at a recent Toastmasters conference and researching some of his educational material, I have given a lot of thought to his tip of using a “Foundational Phrase” as a basis for all of your speeches. This served as the inspiration of my rhyming story titles in my most recent International speech. […]

  4. […] structure or the stories I need down on paper for the first time. I had the idea and the title* for “I Hate My Wife’s Cat” for a few months before the contest, but never really got the three stories I ended up telling […]

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