“Twitter and Communication”, ACS Humorously Speaking Project #4 “Keep Them Laughing” – June 26, 2013

“Twitter and Communication”
Advanced Communication Series “Humorously Speaking”
Project #4 – “Keep Them Laughing”
June 26, 2013
USDA Toastmasters Club 3924
USDA South Building
Washington, DC

I have finally completed my last speech in the “Humorously Speaking” manual, which means I am only two speeches away from my Advanced Communicator Silver award. But even after working five speeches in this manual, I have come to the same conclusion that I was at before the speech: Humor IS HARD.

I picked the topic of Twitter because it is my turn to be giving a “Leadership Take 5” during the July staff meeting. The theme for the year is Pop Culture and Leadership and I am going to talk about Twitter and how it can help us be better communicators.

I thought that subject of Twitter would be really easy to make and find jokes, but I turned out to be very wrong. The material was a little more prevalent than what was available for lecterns, but it was still pretty thin.

Pretty much every joke fell flat, except for the opener. And even that was only from a couple of people because most of the audience was not familiar with Twitter at all. Most of the quotes I tried to use as filler weren’t as funny as they should be and the closing picture (even ignoring the fact I ran out of time) contained inside jokes about social networking that went way over the heads of the entire audience.

My evaluator, Greg, gave the suggestions of using slides to better illustrate my statistics and spending more time on the conclusion. I agree that I could have done a better job of illustrating my stats using the PowerPoint and my words.

My review of the speech tonight shows that I used way too many ums and ahs (which happens when I don’t practice enough). There was also some parts of the speech that just had a little too much rambling and I was not happy at all with the content of my final “clarity” point.

Overall I am happy that I have finally completed the Humorous manual and am looking forward to getting my last couple of speeches done before I can get my Silver.

Video credit: P. Martinez, 2013

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