Tony Dahlman in SpeakeasyDC’s Happy Accidents – July 8, 2014

(Note: This video is far better quality than most that I post. Mainly because it was put together together by people with actual video and audio equipment, instead of a poorly angled shot with my cell phone.)

It has been far too long since I have posted, but I had a major event in my speaking life two weeks ago. I was selected to speak in the July SpeakeasyDC show with the theme “Happy Accidents: Stories about unexpected outcomes”.

By the way, I foretold this back in February. Also note, my prophecies rarely come true.

SpeakeasyDC tweet

It was an awesome experience. All nine of us storytellers were first-timers, which apparently has never happened before. And I think the audience was more energetic than they normally are. But probably the coolest thing was after the story and the audience saw that I was sitting next to the woman that I told the story about, they started chanting “Karla, Karla, Karla”.

Sometimes when I am speaking I get this out of body experience. Almost like I don’t remember parts of the story or I am just watching myself speak. That happened at SpeakeasyDC.

There are a lot of other storytelling opportunities around town, so I am definitely going to continue storytelling. I already know some ways that I can incorporate some storytelling techniques to improve my Toastmasters speeches and I look forward to improving in the future.

Image and video credit: SpeakeasyDC, 2014

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2 comments on “Tony Dahlman in SpeakeasyDC’s Happy Accidents – July 8, 2014
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