“Impromptu Speaking”, The Better Speaker Series – August 20, 2013

“Impromptu Speaking” from The Better Speaker Series
August 20, 2013
HUD Toastmasters Club 1795
HUD Headquarters
Washington, DC

In the true spirit of impromptu speaking, I received an email from a frequent visitor to our Toastmasters club asking if I would help him out with a speech. He was giving a demonstration speech on Table Topics to encourage his fellow club members to enter in the upcoming contest. As the reigning District 27 champion in the contest, he wanted me to do an example table topics speech for his club. It was not a problem, so I quickly agreed.

Later in the afternoon I received another email saying that he had spoken to the President of his club and when he found out that I was coming, he was willing to give up his slot and wanted me to give a workshop on Table Topics. Keep in mind this is 20 hours before I would be giving the speech.

While I probably should have said no, I quickly figured out that this would be a good way to finish my second speech requirement in the Better Speaker Series. I took the outline and slides offered by Toastmasters and was able to quickly put together a presentation.

There are a lot of things that should have been smoother. The conclusion was not near as prepared as it should have been. But overall I was able to get the message across that I wanted to.

A big thanks to HUD Toastmasters for hosting me today!

Video credit: T. Dahlman, 2013

Where do you run into impromptu speaking opportunities in your everyday life?

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